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Practical & Theory Driving Tests

Road Signs Driving School are here to help you manage your theory and practical driving tests.


Theory driving tests

The theory test consists of two parts

  1. Multiple-choice need to score 43 out 50
  2. Hazard perception need to score 47 out 75

The best reference material is that which is written by the DSA, the people who write the tests. The cheapest place that we have found to buy them is Amazon. Both electronic and paper packs are available.


Useful links for theory tests

You can see an explanation of the theory test at

You can practice your theory test online at

You can book your theory test at

Don't forget you will be able to get help and advice at our FREE pupil discussion groups.


Practical driving tests

On the practical test your driving licence will be checked, your eyesight tested and you will be asked two questions about the car. The driving lasts about 38 minutes during this time you will need to do one manoeuvre, approximately 10 minutes of independent driving and maybe an emergency stop.

Practical test explanation video

Independent driving video

DSA youtube videos

Practical test booking

Practical test change date

Don't forget we can usually find you an earlier test date if required. Call or text 07908 806 952

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