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Free pupil discussion groups

Your driving time is important. So don't waste it.

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At regular intervals all pupils in each area are invited to attend a meeting where all aspects of driving and passing the driving test are discussed.

Pupils are encouraged to ask questions and express their opinions about driving, the driving test and the instruction that they are given. These meetings are absolutely free of charge and guests are welcome whether they are other learners or qualified drivers.

At our pupil discussion groups we can explain and discuss all aspects of driving and theory test. If you attend these free groups you can get the information that you need outside of your normal driving lessons. So you don’t waste the valuable driving time that you are paying for.

  • don't waste your driving time
  • get our advice on whatever concerns you may have
  • share your experience with other students
  • profit from our unique offer, it would be easier for you to pass your theory and practical test
  • bring your friends or parents, it is absolutely FREE for anybody

This page will mention what was discussed at the last meeting, date of next meeting and agenda / visiting speaker etc.

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