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5 x 2 hour driving lessons

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Take at least 20 hours of driving lessons and pass your test with Road Signs Driving School to be entitled to the following great benefits...

We are the first driving school (as far as we know) to offer a 1 hour FREE motorway lesson

We are very conscious of the fact that once you have past your test you can drive on the motorway immediately without any extra driving tuition. Motorways are the safest roads but if an accident does occur it is usually more serious with worse injuries and often fatalities. If a few simple rules are obeyed then the likelihood of becoming involved in such accidents can be reduced enormously. Your safety is important to us, that is why we offer FREE MOTORWAY LESSONS.


A chance to win a Silverstone Skid Experience

Every pupil that passes with us and has taken at least 20hours of driving tuition with Road Signs Driving school will be entered into our draw win a Silverstone Skid Experience. Until you have experienced it, everyone wonders what will happen if their car goes out of control. Why not find out in a safe environment. No two skid experiences are the same but the Silverstone Skid Experience will most certainly help you to stay calm in such an event. We should always drive according the conditions to avoid getting into such a situation but the unexpected does happen!


Discount at your local garage for repairs and servicing

We are contacting local garages to arrange beneficial rates for repairs and servicing. Another reason to take your lessons with Road Signs Driving School.


Great reductions on all gift vouchers purchased before 29th February 2012


Lessons to be taken before 31st May 2012


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